Professor Herb Biodegradable Hemp Shredder Grinder (2 Part) - Black


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Professor Herb is the fastest growing cannabis inspired CBD & hemp brand in the UK. Quickly becoming a household name and stocked in over 500+ retail stores, Professor Herb has pioneered the alternative smoking space with their dynamic line of hemp-based products.

Founded during the infancy of the CBD industry, Professor Herb has grown to become a trusted, reputable brand, carving out their niche and becoming dominant in their field is a testament to their success and market share.

Get the perfect fluffy grind every time with this pocket sized 2 part Professor Herb Biodegradable Hemp Shredder. Manufactured using natural hemp, these classic grinders are extremely durable and long lasting.

  • Eco Friendly Hemp Grinder
  • Made from natural Hemp
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Fluffy, even grind every time

Each full box contains 24pcs.

Legal Notice

This product does NOT contain nicotine. This product does NOT contain CBD/THC.

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