Sunset Sherbet - CBD Shatter Rocks (90%) 1g-Professor Herb-professorherb
Sunset Sherbet - CBD Shatter Rocks (90%) 1g-Professor Herb-professorherb
Professor Herb

Sunset Sherbet - CBD Shatter Rocks (90%) 1g

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Strain Description:

Sunset Sherbet is a delightfully refreshing cross of Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies. Veterans and novice smokers alike adore Sunset Sherbet's delicious fruit aromas and matching sweet berry flavours. This strain gives you a jolt of energy bursts through its heavy helping of body relaxtion.

Strength: 90% CBD content

What is CBD Shatter Wax?

CBD shatter waxes are a form of cannabis concentrate extracted from non-psychoactive hemp. CBD oils and isolates are the initial results of extracting CBD from the plant. Traditional Shatter has always been a convenient, reliable, and versatile option. Like all the best CBD products, it is pure, potent and natural covering your CBD needs in a convenient form.

What is dabbing?

Dabbing is an extremely effective delivery system for administering high doses of CBD in a relatively short period of time.

If you vape or if you are familiar with the CBD or hemp world, the term “dabbing” is something you are probably familiar with. It is simply the process of heating the wax or shatter and and placing a small pellet-sized amount on your pen coil. The wax then vaporizes upon heating and hence, users are now vaping as they inhale.


CBD rich shatter waxes have many health and wellness effects. There is a number of benefits to using waxes and terpsolates which are backed up to scientific research. They are anti-psychotic, anti-toxic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. They are used by many to help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, get to sleep faster and treat a number of illnesses and ailments.

The Law:

Our CBD shatters are 100% legal in the EU and UK and contain zero THC.

All of our hemp products have less than 0.2% THC, making them legal in any EU country and the UK. Our shatter waxes offer no psychoactive effects. Hemp is not Cannabis.

These products are sold strictly as potpourri and display items. Not for human consumption.