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Raw Large "Daze of the Week" Rolling Tray

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This metal rolling tray has been designed by RAW to be the perfect smoker's companion.  The tray is made of thick metal to resist bending and warping and eliminate the chance of any creases that could trap tobacco and impede a smooth build.  The tray is deep with smooth curves, again to eliminate the chance of any tobacco getting stuck in folds or ridges.

RAW has a rolling tray for every type of mood, but this one hits home. Featuring the days along with raw cones, it smartly depicts which one you should smoke on each day. Starting with the 1 1/4 Cones, and ending with the RAW Challenge Cones, it completes the collection from Sunday to Saturday.

This tray comes with a Raw certificate of authentication.

Product Size:

L: 27.5cm W: 34cm H: 3cm