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Free delivery on all UK orders over £60 | Order before 15:00 for same-day dispatch

Mini Acrylic Bong

by 4 Smoke

Why buy a Mini Bong?

Acrylic Bongs or mini bongs in the UK, are a great low cost and low maintenance way to smoke your favourite flower. Our Acrylic Bongs come in a variety of shapes and colours to fit your individual smoking needs. The down stem and bowl piece are made with metal, glass or plastic depending on the design, helping to ensure they will not break if dropped. The thick, acrylic texture makes this piece the perfect choice for travel or outdoor smoking sessions. Whether you are a beginner or haven't picked up a bong in years, Acrylic Bongs have stood the test of time, and still remain a very popular smoking accessory. 

What colour mini bongs do you have?

Our acrylic style mini bongs for the UK come in an assorted range of colours, at this time we can either select your colour at random, or you can specify your desired colouring at checkout. Whatever colour mini bong you opt for you can be sure they will be a stylish addition to your smoking collection.

Mini Bong Product Size:

Our mini bongs come in the following diameter and product size specification:

  • Height 15cm 

What is a mini bong?

A mini bong is just as the name says, a shorter, stumpier version of the more commonly seen larger bong models. If space is at a premium or you want an ideal travel option then maybe our smaller more compact acrylic bongs are great for you.

What does a mini bong do?

A mini bong works in the way any herbal inhalation system works, heating the CBD herb or similar on the cooker plate, allows you to draw the vapour through the water system and up the top. It's potentially a far cleaner solution than inhaling combustible products, such as tobacco.

Are mini bongs safe?

When it comes to recreational use of mini bongs, or our compact acrylic options, we never talk about bongs being safe, we talk about harm reduction. Using a mini bong is an alternative to smoking with tobacco and in that respect, it allows you to use your usual, without burning carcinogens. So while we can't say something is safe, we can say you are reducing your harm, by reducing your exposure to burning tobacco.


What is Harm Reduction