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King Palm Terpene Infused Leaf Rolls - Berry Terps


The King Palm Organic Pre-Rolled Leaf is now available.

Made from cordia leaf, they contain no tobacco, preservatives, artificial flavours, or glue. The result is a high quality smoke that we are sure our customers will love.

Each King Palm pre-rolled leaf comes installed with a corn-husk filter. These filters are flexible and allow you to squeeze or bite them as hard as you want to create a tighter and cooler draw when smoking. They also eliminate resinous oils from staining a person's lips, teeth and fingers. Furthermore, King Palm leaf rolls and corn husk filters are environmentally sustainable and no trees are cut down.

Flavour: Berry Terps

  • Each roll holds 1G
  • Each pack contains 2 rolls
  • Full box contains 20 packs