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Kaya Adaptogenic 500mg CBD Oil 10ml

by Kaya

The idea behind this oil is simple... To bring you the benefits of CBD and adaptogenic plants in a highly concentrated form. 
Fast-acting and effective!

Our relaxation concentrate contains powerful adaptogens that work together in synergy, extracted using a technique that preserves all their properties: 

Size 10ml:
- 500mg of CBD, extracted from hemp, with relaxing properties 
- 1000mg of Ashwagandha, which helps you relax and improves concentration 
- 1000mg of Maca root, which brings emotional calm and positive energy 

Each pipette contains:
Size 10ml: 30mg of CBD

Start with half a pipette, and increase or decrease the dose as necessary.
A few drops under the tongue are enough to feel a deep sense of calm, and to help stop anxiety and overthink.