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&BOOST Nicotine Pouches - Oral Snus Pouch 16mg

by V&YOU

Live life the way you want. Welcome to &BOOST from V&YOU.

Not all nicotine pouches are created equal. That’s why we strive to set the standard for consistency, purity, and quality. These tobacco-free pouches give you the rush of energy without the need for vaping or smoking. Find the right vibe now!

  • Each pack contains 20 individual Nicotine pouches
  • 16mg/g - 10mg Nicotine per pouch

Nicotine With Ease

Whether you’re travelling, exercising or looking for a simpler way to enjoy yourself, &BOOST is your perfect companion. No smoke or vapour, no annoying devices or containers - just a small pouch and you’re ready to go.

Quality you can trust

We pride ourselves on being backed by science. That’s why we offer transparency on our lab results - ensuring each pouch is high-grade, safe and long-lasting.

White Pouches

Unlike smoking or snus, the simple ingredients that make &BOOST mean there’s nothing to stain your teeth, just deliciously natural flavours that melt into your background.