We've been voted in the top 5 CBD stores in the UK

We've been voted in the top 5 CBD stores in the UK

Wow, what an achievement! We've been working so hard to get to where we are and finally we're being recognised!

We have been selected as one of the top 5 CBD retailers in the UK, by Manchester Evening News!

Our team works tirelessly to bring the highest quality, yet affordable CBD products to our customers.

The article reads;

“CBD has been growing in popularity over the last few years, exploding onto shelves in the UK with a notable impact. This UK legal cannabis extract has found a popular niche in wellness circles. Today CBD products can be found in stores nationwide, whilst the online market for CBD has swelled in size and variety over lockdown.

Of the many CBD products available from edibles and e-liquid to topical rubs and even shampoo, CBD oil maintains popular. Often consisting of just CBD and a basic carrier oil, this carefully measured and fast acting approach enjoys a distinct popularity. As a cornerstone of the CBD industry it is unrivalled. It is hard to find a successful CBD brand that does not carry its own oils.

With so much to choose from, these are the 5 best brands of CBD oil that can be found in the UK.”

And there we are, at number 5! There is thousands of CBD brands in the UK, so to be recognised as one of the official top 5 brands, is a huge achievement for us.

Our growth isn’t stopping there either, with our expansion plans continuing and national exposure through our innovative Grab N’ Go stores, we’re here to stay.

Thanks for all of your continued support. Professor Herb x