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The Best Places in the World to Vape

The Best Places in the World to Vape

If you like to vape and love to travel, it’s important to make sure the country you’re visiting is vape friendly. You’ll no doubt want to enjoy a vape while visiting tourist spots, sampling the local cuisine or topping up your tan on a foreign beach – without the risk of a fine.

Here are 3 of the world’s most pro-vaping locations.

New Zealand: Vape friendly government

Popular with tourists who love amazing landscapes, if you want a vape-friendly country to visit then New Zealand should be on your bucket list!

Not only are vaping products widely available (to over 18’s) and allowed in most outdoor spaces and some indoor establishments, New Zealand’s government actively promotes vaping to aid smoking discontinuation.

This is all part of their plan to make the country smoke free by 2025 and it seems to be working, with cigarette sales dropping and vaping on the rise in recent years.

NZ’s stance on vaping greatly differs from neighbouring Australia, which is not only one of the most expensive countries to vape but also bans nicotine e-liquid.

Florida, USA: Vape friendly state

Travelling the US as a vaper can be confusing. In one state you could be enjoying a delicious fruit or dessert-flavoured vape, yet cross a state line and all you’ll have access to is tobacco-flavoured e-liquid.

While many US states have introduced e-liquid flavour bans, with only tobacco flavoured e-liquid available, ‘The Sunshine State’ of Florida has bucked the trend thanks to their vape-friendly governor.

Anyone over the age of 21 can purchase vape products in Florida and e-cigarette use is allowed in most outdoor areas – meaning you can sit back and enjoy a vape on one of their many famous beaches.

The United Kingdom: Most pro-vaping country

Walk through any city centre in the UK and you’re likely to see at least one vape shop and someone puffing away on an e-cigarette.

The UK has earned a positive reputation in the vape community thanks to its vape-friendliness.

Vaping is widely accepted in the UK with a reported 3 million e-cigarette users and is allowed in the majority of outdoor public spaces.

Vape products are widely available everywhere from specialist stores to supermarkets and even corner shops, and anyone over the age of 18 can buy them.

Many of the world’s biggest e-liquid brands hail from the UK and there are currently no restrictions on e-liquid flavours – with a huge selection available.

The UK’s National Health Service also recently announced plans to trial giving free e-cigarettes to patients as part of their smoking cessation service.

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